Below a list of clients I had the pleasure to work with.

The biggest educational group in Brazil with more than 9 companies and 1M+ students. Mainly focused on Consultoria Educação.

At eCommerce platforms Loja Integrada and Xtech Commerce, experimenting to impact retention rate and customer acquisition.

Mainly focused on developing new business at OMO, and in an innovation program with acquisitions of startups.

Helping the agile experts to develop the USA market, and in  the market validation of a spin-off startup venture.

A solution for 45k companies of real state in Brazil. I'm on building strategies for the insurance products of PJBank (bank).

Bigger neighborhood community app of the world. Looking to help at SEO and other channels of growth, testing at the Brazilian market.

Based in Germany, is Munich's best option in rebuild bathrooms and upgrade the first moments of your day. Looking to growth their capabilities to delight clients.

The Brazilian startup is a unicorn as a platform to host, sell and build content based business. Want to grow their predictability to acquire customers and impact lives.

A Saudi delivery app with the best price as the main goal. Looking for amplify the channels to grow and more cities where they can help customers get the best offer.

And a few more...

The list goes on... =)