Some of my story

  1. Born in a small city far far away from the capital city in the south of Brazil, used to help my family in a shoes retailer.
  2. Made a rock-band with 12 years old, and played around.
  3. Start a company with 18 years old. Actively participate in Brasil Junior confederation of junior business.
  4. Got a job at the University where I was bolsist. Got promoted from Internship to Creative Director, becoming Marketing Manager, and after Strategic Planner Board Member.
  5. Started as founder at (the first crowdsourcing platform in Brazil), a finalist in Wayra Accelerator (by Telefónica), with clients like Telefónica VIVO.
  6. Create start-ups: Anjos, Entregas, and Pagapramim.
    • Anjos was a security check solution to avoid fraud in retail.
    • Entregas was a marketplace to make deliveries and buy things during your trips. With national acknowledge at G1 by Globo.
    • Pagapramim focused on +40MM people unbanked in Brazil and start as a bill-extension. First class at Startup Brazil from the federal government in Brazil.
  7. Start to make professional consulting and host events with Circuito Startup in main capitals like Florianópolis, Vitória, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre e Curitiba.
  8. Co-found H2App and got the product/market-fit and early traction. Is an marketplace app to get delivery of water gallons and kitchen gas connected with a whole solution of Supply-Chain and Business Intelligence for big players (like Nestlé and others).
  9. I’m currently a partner consulting helping amazing companies get sustainable growth at
  10. Also, I've building uMode (data innovation for fashion business) as partner, and Chief Innovation Officer.

    Currently I'm living in Brazil with a Italian citizenship, and I'm a single father who still believe in a better future despite all science fiction advices. =)